Unrivaled insurance knowledge.
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Inspired by seismic industry changes, yet grounded by comprehensive understanding of insurance software needs, our new Forecast solutions construct pathways right-sized for individual, family and business goals. Our new event-based policy administration solutions achieve policyholder goals and keep goals on track as future pathways change and evolve.

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Solutions | Our Forecast and Achieve products are available on mobile platforms, cloud enabled, and allow for both SAAS and traditional software deployments.



Enhanced by state of the art interactive graphs, the CalcFocus new business and inforce illustration platform is the most modern in the marketplace. It was designed to support all life, health, and annuity products and to serve the agent, direct to consumer, and group administrator sales channels.

CalcFocus’ best-fit product selection engine can be configured to display in the moment complex needs, product recommendations, and performance analysis. It can also be used to mine existing policy databases to generate specific cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Forecast what-if solves and inforce illustrations enable policyholders to view the trajectory for every contemplated policy financial event and provide all the tools needed to achieve their goals, and to adjust course based on current or guaranteed assumptions.



CalcFocus Achieve policy administration is designed for all life, health and annuity product types including complex and hybrid products and voluntary benefit products.

Our policy administration architecture exposes granular calculation and microservices to augment or replace selected legacy policy administration functionality; and these services may be orchestrated to become a comprehensive enterprise policy administration platform.

Enables self-service new business and e-Application in good order processing and inforce financial and non-financial change requests.

Achieve works closely with CalcFocus Forceast over the entire policyholder life cycle to keep goals on track with policy performance, policyholder financial event requests, and with evolving policyholder needs.

Forecast Illustrations share all calculations with Achieve policy administration to provide true common calculation architecture.

Tools | Our solutions are built, maintained, and tested using our suite of tools. You may decide to train your staff on cfTools, bringing maintenance and enhancements in house.



Interactive hierarchical diagrams and tables allow you to create, update, and understand your life, annuity, and health products with unparalleled speed.



Our regression test suites automate testing for both business and technical teams. You may configure Quality to automatically test values against dynamically generated independent sources. Quality asserts our values against your expected results.



Our business development environment employs a powerful yet simple business language to manage and extend our outof-the-box calculation engines, to build intuitive and customer friendly user experiences, to configure custom integration payloads, and more.



CalcFocus offers agile and focused expert teams that we keep small because we let our technology do most of the work.

Our integrated business and technology expert team address the key challenge in the insurance industry: bridging the business and technology divide. Invite us to partner with you to transform your business and its
underlying technology.

Our CalcFocus partner, The Life & Annuity Group (‘TLAG’) are expert specialists in life insurance and annuity software and consulting services. CalcFocus trained TLAG consultants deploy project resource specialists, including program/project managers, business analysts, actuary analysts, and quality assurance specialists to guarantee successful and timely CalcFocus implementations.

Team Leaders

Tom A. McCahill

Tom designed and built a full spectrum of calculation components required for the administration of insurance products consulting for leading insurance technology providers. He now directs product design for CalcFocus.

Tom W. McCahill

Tom was Founder and CEO of ECTA Corporation, the industry leading Sales Illustration Platform. Tom founded insurance software and services companies since then and is a senior advisor to next generation insurance technology corporations.

Sergei Iakimenko

Sergei made his career as a lead technical architect, always working within the insurance domain. Sergei was a Senior Architect at ECTA, Milliman, IGate/Patni, Adminserver, and Oracle Insurance. Sergei is a lead technical architect for CalcFocus.

Srinivasan Ranganathan

Srini made his career as a lead technical architect working within the insurance domain. Srini was a Senior Architect at MetLife, Oracle Insurance, and Prudential Financial. Srini is a lead technical architect for CalcFocus.